Bookkeeping is ensuring that the key financial information is properly documented in the right accounting books. Without auditing, bookkeeping services, the accounting process cannot be carried out. Financial statements like the Balance Sheet and Income Statement are prepared on the basis of data from the accounting books. To ensure that there is no error while preparing the books, we at RDK Payroll Solutions, help you with all your accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses needs.

Recording transactions

Your transactions need to be maintained using the double entry system. We ensure that there are two entries for all transactions, debit, and credit. The debit and credit need to be recorded in the right account so that books can be closed on time.

Balancing of books

We balance the clients' books every quarter where the debits and credits are tallied. Once this is complete, the trial balance is prepared.

Financial statements

Once the books are balanced, the data is then used for the preparation of financial statements like:
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
Our bookkeeping professionals will provide end-to-end solutions starting with the classification of transactions to generating required data for preparing financial statements.
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